Sunday, 18 March 2007


Great Works Issue 8 - at last!

New Texts

Frances Presley, Learning Letters (poem)
John Welch, poems
Nick Wayte, 7 poems
Tim Keane, 3 poems
Lisa Zaran, 6 poems
Mark Goodwin, 6 poems
Tom Harding, 6 poems
Colin Fleming, Blinkered (prose)
Crag Hill, 4 poems from 7 x 7
M T C Cronin, 5 poems
Paul Holman, VICINAL (poem sequence)
Duane Locke, 5 poems (email to Damniso Lopez)
Nicholas Spicer, 4 poems
Nathan Thompson, 5 poems
Hannah Silva, 5 poems
Sarah Millward, 5 poems
Elias Siquieros, 3 poems
Robert Sheppard, Sudley House (text of performance piece: poetry)
Iftekhar Sayeed , PRESENT AT PLASSEY (essay)

Existing Serials

Richard Makin, St Leonards
Peter Hughes & Simon Marsh, Pistol Tree Poems

Texts already featured

Sarah Jacobs, Deciphering Human Chromosome 16: We Report here (hypertext sculpture; Richard Kostelanetz, Inserts-1 (visual poems); Richard Burns, Poems from The Blue Butterfly; Anjali Yardi, Pepper-and-salt Like Mary Kostakidis (poem); John Muckle, Poems; Guido Monte, Seven Poems; Robert Stanton, Eight Poems; Andrew Nightingale, Four Poems; Donna Bamford, Two Poems; Derek Harper, Three Texts; Stephen Mooney, from the District Line Project (poems); Srinjay Chakravarti, At the National Library, Calcutta (poem); Martin Jack, Four Poems; Leslie Wolter, Moon Madness (prose); James Wilkes, Two Poems; John James, At Ch√Ęteau-Chinon (poem); Laurie Duggan, Thirty pieces (poem sequence); C Nelson, Brash (poems)

Featured texts from the Archive

John Welch, from the British Estate (poem sequence)
Paul Holman, In the Common Era (poem sequence)
Giles Goodland, from The Brimston Worm (serial publication of epic poem)


Only minor updates - next job to do.

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