Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Great Works through the Year

As the year goes on, my plans slowly begin to clot. The recoding of some pages of Great Works has been completed, removing some very old layouts that no longer worked, and recasting as well all the business end of the site (links etc) in superior code, with some features for greater ease of use and to counter accessibility issues. has suffered the same fate. Very little difference will be noticed: still all embarrassingly clumsy in appearance and concept.

I have begun updating the links (for both sites). "I may be gone some time." I will upload the pages as I amend them weekly, to counter the inevitable obsolescence of such an activity.

Later this year will follow a final "edition" of Great Works in its present form, and a revision of the modernpoetry site.

I won't carry on with either, certainly not in their present form, after the end of this year. Ten years of Great Works have ended up by wearying and nauseating me; and contemporary avant-gardish poetry as a social/cultural institution has evolved into something that is best dealt with by younger, hipper, cooler etc etc persons and coteries (eg Openned), especially with access to academic networks and status. A 1990s hobbyist accumulation of homepages will probably put people off rather than involve them.

Both sites are archived by the British Library. I will keep them online through next year at least to allow their cycle of downloading a copy of the site to record their final glories. Great Works may carry on in a different form; or might not.

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Fresh Pistol Tree Poems

The latest batch of the Pistol Tree Poems epistolary exchange between Peter Hughes and Simon Marsh are now online, numbers 86-87.

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