Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Amos Weisz, Worksongs

To announce the forthcoming event publicising Amos Weisz’s posthumous selected poems, Worksongs. There’s an event at i'klectik near Waterloo on November 4 as a launch. Great Works has just been refreshed, with the translations and original work by him published on it foregrounded. More of his poems will follow on a weekly basis until the launch event, and the book will be available from Great Works shortly. You are unlikely to know Amos Weisz’s work – he had a small self-published booklet, and these texts on Great Works. I’ll put up an Amos Weisz Facebook page shortly, do an event page for the reading etc, with more of his writing on Great Works.

It is a serious poetry, written through his life, and with engagement with a range of contemporaries and other influences. It also is situated in Amos's own psychological space, one of woundedness and extremes, in which a birthright is fought with and fought over. It is never easy or something as stupid as seductive, but can switch from the finest gallows humour to disgust and abjection in an instant. The verbal creativity and level of semantic activity is constantly astonishing.

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