Wednesday, 29 December 2010


New Great Works

To announce the final (certainly for a while and in this omnium gatherum form) Great Works, containing

Ralph Hawkins, The Poems of Abakan Tartar
Maximilian Hildebrand, Kylix Poems + four poems
Daniele Pantano, Translation from the German of Seventy Eight Early Notes for a Biography of an Unknown Swiss Poet
Julie Sampson, four poems
David Bircumshaw, eight poems
Rupert Loydell, four poems
Adam Fieled, from Equations
Miffy Ryan, Dwelling + Death Rattles
Jennifer Cooke, five poems
Catherine Daly, Surplice
Stephanie Jane Robinson, Ballad of the Reading Jail
Mark Smith, five poems
sean burn, from honeysuckled
Angela Gardner, five poems
Susan Adams, five poems
Mark Dickinson, from Shadows of the Sea
Matt Bryden, four poems
Sam Howell, five poems
Chris Hardy, Short of Luck on Short Street
James Price, four poems and a drawing
Martin Stannard, five poems
Gareth Farmer, Rise to Order
Bobby Larsson, Limerick Swing —
S J Fowler, nine poems
Gerard Greenway, three poems
Austin McCarron, seven poems
Sophie Mayer, three poems
Stephen Emmerson, Power Pollution + THUD
Anthony Mellors, from Bent our of Shape
Sarah Ahmad, seven poems
Reeti Roy, five poems
Robert Atherton, six poems
Glenn R Frantz, Bridge / Lawn / Solarium
Arthur Coleman, five poems
Nicholas R Scott, The Prison Series + the Pie Series
Harry Godwin, poem for P. Philpott, read at Xmasing the Line, 3/12/09

Enjoy it all!

I will post more on plans, especially for and the availability of material in ebook reader format in the new year.

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