Friday, 18 January 2008


Lots of news!

Apologies for delays in posting information - but here is a breakdown of major alterations since the last posting:

(1) New texts on the site:

Maurice Scully, two poems
Gregory Vincent St Thomasino, Elegy for Christopher Smart
Tom Jenks, six poems
Changming Yuan, two poems
Patricia Farrell, four poems
Steven Waling, four poems
Philip Hammial, six poems
Nick Wayte, two poems
Ron Singer, two poems
Chris Gutkind, Thinking
Tom Sheehan, three poems
Andy Jordan, The Mermiad
Tammy Ho, seven poems
Aishwarya Iyer, Reflections
Geoff Stevens, four poems
Janet Sutherland, two poems
Shahar Gold, two stories
Charles Freeland, three stories
T A James, two stories
Allison Boast, Crazed Dawn
Christopher Barnes, five poem
Alison Smith, two poems
Mark Goodwin, six poems
J Brooke, six stories
Niall Quinn, three Phlebas poems
Anthony Liccione, three poems
Simon Wright, A Fragmented Verticality
Thomas Harrisson, Review of Adriano Bulla, Ybo’ and Other Lies

(2) Fresh instalments of the Peter Hughes' and Simon Marsh's Pistol Tree Poems and of Richard Makin's St Leonards.

(3) Additions and revisions to the New Readers Start Here pages.

(4) The Links revised over the new year period (and also the versions on New Readers Start Here).

(5) Material from The Playground - when I was performing with Jon Slater & Dave Houssart in the late 1980s - is now appearing. There is a web version of a pamphlet we were going to publish, with my texts, and their images, plus mp3s of three of the texts being performed. A couple of mp3s have also been added to the A Year and a Day in the Dark Forest, where poems from this sequence were performed by us. More will follow, as more material is digitised.

(6) I am pleased to be hosting as part of this material Ken Edwards' essay Introduction: The two poetries, published in a slightly different form in Angelaki 5.1: Poets on the Verge, ed Anthony Mellors and Robert Smith (2000). This important essay has not previously been freely available on the Internet.

So - apologies for the delays in posting this information. But await further developments!

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