Sunday, 4 March 2018


Request for Help in Updating

I have finally made some progress in my plan to make more current. Initial work has been done on the list of Links to British Innovative Poetry Sites. I have completely updated “Resources, lists and other foci of information”, “Online magazines, magazines online, e-publishers and other assemblages of writing” & “Writers' homepages, blogs etc”. If anyone is willing to cast an eye and make suggestions over this, I will message, email or otherwise send a copy. This really needs to be a collaborative exercise. There is a vast amount more now going on than there was at the beginning of the decade, far more than one old bloke living outside London can grasp. I’d also appreciate people emphasising which websites they feel are really useful, important amazing or just bloody good in their own way. 

I’m conscious of a real wave of activity by younger poets, often performance-based. (Sharp intakes of breath I can hear). A lot that is really exciting is happening with a rebirth of this performed poetry, I hope resting it away from the sterility of Slam into more innovative forms. Stuff that’s non-normative. And too of blends of poetry with art activities as performance or indeed artefacts/processes involving language. All good – potentially another great explosion of poetic genetic variety. This is bursting out now, and will change things. So it’s a good point to try and sum up this scene before it mutates and grows into something maybe quite different. Tragic if it doesn’t.

So if you want to assist in drawing up a mapping of the present state of British Innovative Poetry to update – let me know by whatever means, and I’ll involve you. I do need assistance, will ensure it is credited, indeed may well pass on the website to anyone who wants it after this project is completed.

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