Wednesday, 8 July 2009


New Book: Are We Not Drawn ...

Just available from Shearsman, a 100 poem sequence: Are We Not Drawn ...

"Are We Not Drawn ... takes off from a palindrome quoted in Anne Michael’s novel, Fugitive Pieces: "Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?" Drawn onward; but trapped in repetition and mirroring. The mirrors are now fractured: each line breaks under the strain, as voices and images pour in. Verbal repetitions, starting with the words of the palindrome, give some sorts of paths through, continually evolving and shifting. A work of naïve realism, then, capable of recording how gardenias, Inca mummies and the iron mines of West Somerset determine our days. Just listen to what you are being told ..."

There are also TV crime drama (CSI or Raising the Dead - which do you prefer?), the roads into Essex, our catastrophic environmental degradation, memories of poems about Ed Dorn, old hymns, seaside trolleybuses along The Esplanade, and whatever else I was told to write. And another cover with a photo of Minehead Beach (though it's no more about there than here).

£8.95! A mere snip. ISBN 9781848610248. Ideal holiday reading.


Penultimate St Leonards

The penultimate St Leonards has just been uploaded, XXXII. Enjoy it!

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Updates to & Great Works Links

I've just gone over again, checked, updated and added to the material and links on The site needs much more doing to it and a total redesign, but, well, maybe. The Links section on Great Works has therefore also been appropriately updated, with all the British links checked etc as part of this process. and a couple more non-British sites added. More will be done on this!

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