Sunday, 15 July 2007


Updates to Great Works

(1) New section of Richard Makin's St Leonards

(2) New poems in Peter Hughes & Simon Marsh's epistolary sequence, Pistol Tree Poems

(3) Removal, unfortunately, of the work by Chris Nelson, at his request

Now to get to grips with placing on the site a New Readers Start Here guide.


Wednesday, 4 July 2007


New Issue

I have great pleasure in informing the world that the new issue of Great Works is online, featuring as new work:
Adrian Clarke, from Supplementary Blues
Glenn Bach, from: Atlas Peripatetic
Mark Dickinson, from The Speed of Clouds
James Davies, five poems
James Harvey, four poems
Carrie Etter, from Divining For Starters
Claire Crowther, six poems
Paul Bramley, seven poems
Marc Stein, year two in london, january 2005
Colin Honnor, three poems
Ian Seed, six poems
Innocenza Istarte, ten poems
A S Morgan, Ink
William Garvin, five poems
Daniel Andersson, Moonlit Night (translating Hjalmar Gullberg, Månskensnatt
Arun Gaur, three poems
Tom Hamilton, five poems
Jeffrey Side, five poems
Michael Blackburn, LET'S BUILD A CITY
Martin Jack, five poems
Chris Hardy, seven poems
Tina Bass, three poems
Dean Nicholson, five poems

plus most recent instalments of:
Richard Makin, St Leonards
Peter Hughes & Simon Marsh, Pistol Tree Poems
Giles Goodland, The Brimston Worm (the climax!)

and from the Archives:
Catherine Daly, Six in a Mix (Odds)

I’ll also announce, for anyone in the West Country, that I’m reading with Tupa Snyder on Sunday June 8th at 5 pm, at Ways With Words Festival at Dartington Hall, near Totnes in Devon. In a yurt.

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