Saturday, 29 March 2008


Issue 11: March 2008 Now Online

This is finally uploaded. It is huge. New material is:

John Welch, Yearn Glass
John Wilkinson, six poems
John Lowther, from Stoppages
Dave Rushmer, three poems
sean burn, trans literations
Daniel Andersson, In Time of Empire and Verse
Alistair Noon, At the Atlantic
Innocenza Istarte, eight poems
Michael Lee Johnson, two poems
Dean Nicholson, four poems
Mark Cunningham, five poems
Christopher Mulrooney, three poems
Andrew Baker, Epitaph of Reason
Charles Jason Lee, six poems
Norman Jope, six texts
Fish and Shushan, three poems
Lydia Towsey, six poems
Tom White, three poems
Steve Spence, three poems
Michael Egan, six poems
A Lee Firth, nine poems
Chris Paul, three poems
Richard Kostelanetz, Letter Links
Amos Weisz trans Monika Rinck, six poems
Lucy Harvest Clarke, seven poems
Kevin Doran, three poems
Mark Goodwin, four poems
Christopher Barnes, five poems
Chris Hardy, six poems
Adam Burbage, five poems
Sean Carey, three poems
Richard Barrett, two poems
Scott Thurston, from Momentum
Nick Wayte, two poems
Paul A Green, Voicemail
Iftekhar Sayeed, Engendered Space
RG Gregory, Proverbs of Hell (pdf file)

I hope to have the German texts of the Monika Rinck translations up shortly (waiting to hear from the publisher). I will also update the Links at least to the extent of adding fresh sites.

In the medium term, I have notified my present employer I want out in the summer, and plan to get the project for a major site devoted to publicising, explaining and exploring contemporary British poetry under way finally in the second half of this year. You may have noticed from the material linked to rather than hosted on Great Works I have possession of the domain name More will come of this!

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Friday, 7 March 2008


News on submissions + latest episode of St Leonards

  1. First: I've regrettably had to withdraw my email address from the site, as a simple way of reducing the amount of material arriving. So much of it is excellent, and I want to publish it. Unfortunately, this year, I have changed jobs, and found the work at the new College far more taxing in terms of time (it's a longer journey to work, and I am teaching often radically different course - I'm having to work for my living again.) The sheer number of people I have already published also generates more and more "repeat business", which is greatly welcomed. But it means I have the largest ever amount of new writing to put online, and less time than for several years. I hope to have some cutting down of my work after the summer, so will then renew the open door policy which has for me always been central to how Great Works should operate.

  2. I can proudly announce the
    latest episode from St Leonards, now on the site. I should be seeing Richard Makin on Saturday in Cambridge, too.

  3. And don't forget to check out the ever-increasing amount of material from my music days as part of The Playground.


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