Friday, 7 March 2008


News on submissions + latest episode of St Leonards

  1. First: I've regrettably had to withdraw my email address from the site, as a simple way of reducing the amount of material arriving. So much of it is excellent, and I want to publish it. Unfortunately, this year, I have changed jobs, and found the work at the new College far more taxing in terms of time (it's a longer journey to work, and I am teaching often radically different course - I'm having to work for my living again.) The sheer number of people I have already published also generates more and more "repeat business", which is greatly welcomed. But it means I have the largest ever amount of new writing to put online, and less time than for several years. I hope to have some cutting down of my work after the summer, so will then renew the open door policy which has for me always been central to how Great Works should operate.

  2. I can proudly announce the
    latest episode from St Leonards, now on the site. I should be seeing Richard Makin on Saturday in Cambridge, too.

  3. And don't forget to check out the ever-increasing amount of material from my music days as part of The Playground.


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