Friday, 17 October 2008


Sundays at the Oto

Coming this Sunday:

October 19: Keith Jebb + The Mind Shop (music: Armorel Weston, John Gibbens and David Miller) + Wanda Phipps + Alyson Torns

Keith Jebb’s Hide White Space (Kater Murr’s Press, 2006) runs it all together, sort of digests it & throws it in our faces; The Mind Shop sing and play pure poetry; Wanda Phipps out of Brooklyn, NY, sings with her Band and in her poetry; Alyson Torn’s From the Lost Property Office: a quartet for Pessoa (Hearing Eye, 2006) plays a delicate game, but sets out to win

November 16: Tom Lowenstein + Roshi Nasehi (music) + Hannah Silva

December 21: Frances Kruk + Jow Lindsay + Jonathan Styles (music)

January 18, 2009: Sue Farrar (music) + Frances Presley + Gavin Selerie

Programming up to April now being arranged!


Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Len Up!

    New section of Richard Makin's St Leonards uploaded, showing a dramatic formal invention.

    Also on Great Work's homepage is the list of contributors for the next issue (which I am starting work on even as you read this!) - Adrian Clarke, Peter Dent & Rupert M Loydell. Gareth Durasow, Stephen Emmerson, Glenn R Frantz, William Garvin, Catherine Hales, Colin Harris, Paul Holman, Michael Jacobson, Sam Oborne, Alasdair Paterson, Ian Pople, David Rushmer, Nathan Thompson, Stephen Van-Hagen.

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Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Links Updated

I've just uploaded the newly revised Links pages - all checked, functioning and uptodate (bar a couple that kept timing out, which may be ominous ...)

The equivalent pages on www.modernpoetry, have been updated also, and a couple of new references added to the Websites Useful for Understanding Avant-Garde British Poetry pages. I'll look at all the pages on that site shortly.

Now to await the imminent arrival of the next Len from Richard Makin, do the publicity for the next Sundays at the Oto, and get to grips with Facebook (ugh!)

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