Thursday, 19 April 2007


Update on Great Works and Blog

Great Works
The latest episodes of Peter Hughes & Simon Marsh's Pistol Tree Poems are up. I've also altered the homepage: apart from a neater layout to the main text (this could end up looking professional one day!), I have added a list of "20 Crucial British Innovative Poetry Sites", to make it easier for those not already in any loops or coteries etc etc to pick up on what is happening. This is a part of my shift to a site that presents a lot of explanation about such writing. The next move will be to include material about the genealogy and history of this writing.

The Blog
This list (including Great Works, so 21) now on the blog both as posting and as part of the constant template. I have also added to the blog a listing of the 20 blogs I am aware of that deal with this writing.

About the 20 Crucial British Poetry Sites
This is my considered choice of 20 sites that would help anyone picture what is going on in contemporary innovative British poetry. These are the main publishers, what seem to me the main ezines, places with links and lots of material also, and a couple of the most useful blogs. I've put the site in in the hope people revive it somewhat - it was looking so good; and I've also, as it were, bet on Openned as a major centre of activity.

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