Friday, 19 September 2008


Great Works 12 Now Published

I'd like to announce that the just uploaded issue of Great Works contains the following new material:

All the material on contemporary British poetry is transferred to, which now has a proper homepage, and will be expanded. It includes a listing of readings in London. This means I don't have to remind you about the imminent launch of Sundays at the Oto, because you'll see it mentioned there. Do send details of any readings to me - at the moment I'm gleaning them as I can (which is why I'm only dealing with London).

The next stage (once I've just corrected an irritating little error on the homepage) is to redo the links. I also have to arrange for the publication of a posthumous volume of Amos Weisz's translations and other writing.

Beyond that, I aim at getting onto a more professional basis - negotiating the nightmares of funding! (if any's been spared from subsidising the bloody Olympics).

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