Friday, 8 January 2010


The Voice of Harry Godwin, brought to you by the wonders of modern science

(1) poem for P. Philpott, read at Xmasing the Nine, 3/12/09

A momentary lapse
of rain
A south westerly breeze
Dear Caroline, it's 2009
& Rosier couldn't read
tonight & so I
can't read. What's
commitment to 2000 &
niners anyway?

Re-Openned: A Hilson
rendition of Last Christmas,
The same Hilson of
Hilson's School of Poetry:
No Divas Allowed
(Dear Caroline, sorry, No Divas

There are no stars in LNDN
There are no stars under
clouds there are no
stars over Cathedral
City lights
But there are stars they
are just not our stars
they are very far stars.

A momentary break in
the clouds.

& rain.

& Bergval, in a rocketship to our hearts

(2) The Voice of Harry Godwin at Diverse Deeds, December 16, 2009

The Voice of Harry Godwin at Diverse Deeds, December 16

Peter Philpott's podcast

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